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Economic strife, political turmoil, environmental catastrophes; these are the terrifying scenarios that fuel the fear of modern society. Yet none of these events come close to the threat that persists in the veiled darkness of the underworld, waiting for a day to catch humanity off guard and bath the world in the blood of millions. This is the threat BearHammer Investigations was established to combat.

What is BearHammer Investigations?

Unlike most investigation teams,  BearHammer prides itself on a  creating solutions to and/or safeguards from Horror Themed Scenarios (HTSs) rather than merely collecting physical evidence in order to prove the existence of supernatural entities/creatures of myth. The fact of the matter is, we are already well aware of the horrifying things that go bump in the night and to quote Professor Broom from the movie Hellboy, “We bump back”.

However, we can’t do this alone, so please refer to our Philosophy page to learn how you can help!

The Team

Ethan Moses is the founder and lead investigator of BearHammer Investigations. A former social worker, international businessman and amateur mixed martial artist, he uses the skills he learned from his prior occupations combined with a keen eye for strange phenomenon to keep his family, friends and friends he hasn’t met yet safe from the evils of the world.

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