BearHammer Investigations is of the mindset that evil exists because of residual negative energy* caused by  injustice, indifference and the destruction of our ecosystem. While eradicating horrifying monstrosities and releasing spirits is important, prevention is just as important as taking the fight to the source. So what does this mean? In short, be a decent person, contribute to positive growth in your community and respect nature! Pretty easy, right?

  1. Start small, start when you can, just start– There aren’t prerequisites or expiration dates on positive growth. Preventing the Hell Dimension from opening up portals on Earth starts within ourselves!
  2. Help others– Once your internal resonance fields are positively aligned, go out and try to help others align there’s. Pay someone a compliment, be a shoulder to cry on or loan them your anti-lava shoes should a volcano unexpectedly erupt…it’s that simple!
  3. Strengthen your community– A strong community is a safe community, so as soon as you have a positively motivated squad assembled, start reviewing your community’s HTS preparedness. Remember, it’s just as important to have clean, green space to play tag in as it is to have perimeter gates strong enough to hold back zombies.
  4. Protect the environmentThe Nature Spirits would prefer to maintain positive relations with the human race but that allegiance is tested daily. Do your part and help them keep the Earth as clean and pure as possible or risk Ultra Beasts** emerging from hibernation or worse, the complete breakdown of our ecosystem

*“The Effect of Internal Magic on External Forces” will be explained in further essays/videos

**“Ultra Beast Theory” will be explained in further essays/videos.

This concept will be further explained in video form.

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