Relaunch of BearHammer Investigations

I’m here to help.

I first want to apologize for not being the best paranormal investigator/monster hunter that I could possibly be. I let common everyday activities get in the way of protecting the world and I pray every night that my inaction didn’t contribute to someone’s injury or death. I will do better. With that out of the way, it’s time to get back to the task of kicking the nuts and or vaginas (if they have them) off the horrible creatures (both human and not quite so human) that stalk our every move.

BearHammer Investigations has moved the locations of its offices from Indianapolis,IN to Berlin, Germany. While this may seem like a rash move, it has given me the time to fully dedicate myself to the job that was passed down to me through many generations of heroic individuals who’ve sacrificed everything to make the world a better,safer place. While I can’t validate that prior sentence with concrete facts such as family trees or the writings of ancestors, I feel this calling deep in my heart, right next to the place that makes me cry every time I watch Forest Gump or The Lion King.

This site redesign and the contents of it are in an infancy of sorts, so bare with me as I pull things together. Some of the links above may have information in them, so may not but no journey can start without a beginning. I hope to find you all enjoy what I plan on delivering to you in regards to the tips, tricks and critiques of surviving a world gone mad. Good day to you.

By Ethan Moses Posted in General

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